Short overview of #infin8shifts

Life : a series of Shifts creating Infinite Possibilities...
What will it take to Light your Soul?
 A disruptive event?
∞ A life threatening diagnosis or condition?
∞ A sudden loss? Grief?
∞ An unexplained deep knowingness that can be as subtle as a whisper...
∞ or your focussed self-growth work nudging you to take the next step?
We all have a unique Life & Soul Path
... directing our choices | decisions | emotions
For me a life of disruption unlocked a path of possibilities.
Each experience a teacher, adding a layer of richness to my life.
Are you in the midst of trying to navigate life after disruption and would like support?
At  infin8shifts we create a calm, safe environment and offer to be gentle companions on your Soul Journey...

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